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We believe that church membership is central to the Christian life.

Redeemer practices covenant membership. This is the biblical practice of making a covenant with God and other believers. Through covenant membership, we make a promise in which we obligate ourselves to God and one another.

Our church uses two primary covenants. First, we covenant together as members of Redeemer Church. Second, our pastors have a series of specific covenant commitments, which they make to the church body.

You can view our Church Covenant below or register for The Weekender which is the first step in our membership process.

Our Covenant

The following is the introduction to our church covenant:

"The church is the vehicle by which God is accomplishing His purposes in the world. The church exists to display the glory of God because all things exist for His glory. Followers of Jesus have been invited graciously into God’s redemptive purposes for the world through the church. In light of this reality, the opportunity to join a local church is much more than a commitment to consistent attendance or active involvement in community. It is also a sacred call to be involved in the redemptive work of our sovereign God and to be a microcosm of the universal household of God. Therefore, we will covenant together to fulfill these purposes and hold one another accountable to this high calling."

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