At The Redeemer Institute, we believe that equipping believers for mission and ministry can and should happen primarily in the context of the local church. Our goal is to make the Bible and theology accessible to everyone through the local church.

Redeemer Institute Classes

We offer five core classes and an ever growing number of elective courses. Throughout the year, these courses are offered.

Core Classes

These courses are open to both men and women as they seek to mature in their faith. For those who are interested in taking these courses for credits toward a degree program, that option is available as well. 

* indicates that a course can be taken for undergraduate credit with The College at Southeastern
** indicates that a course can be taken for graduate level credit with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Apologetics: Understand what you believe and why you believe. This class will also provide action steps and application to personal evangelism.*

Spiritual Formation: Learn effective bible study methods, how to read the Bible with a Christ-centered approach, and how to disciple others.**

Christian Theology: Explore the core theological beliefs that all Christians hold in common.**

Old Testament Survey: Learn how to study the Old Testament, the central message of each book, and how the Old Testament fits into the grand narrative of redemption.*

New Testament Survey: Learn how to study the New Testament, the central message of each book, and how the New Testament fits into the grand narrative of redemption.

Electives: Throughout the year, we will offer elective classes that will cover issues pertinent to the life of our church.**


Through a partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, some of our core classes and electives, can be transferred into SEBTS for credit within a degree program. 

For more information, contact our office.


What is the purpose of these courses?

Our desire is to see the members of Redeemer Church mature in their faith so they can multiply their faith. Multiplication takes place, primarily, through discipleship. We aim to equip the members of our church with the knowledge and tools necessary to disciple those around them. 

Does this replace Life Groups? 

No. Our core conviction is that gospel community is a necessary outworking of the gospel in our lives. These courses meet infrequently (once a month) on a Sunday afternoon, so that they do not conflict with Life Group participation. 

Are these classes open to both men and women? 

Yes! The New Testament calls all believers, men and women, to live on mission by making disciples. We want to equip men and women to effectively carry out the ministry Jesus has given them, whether that is in the workplace, the community, the home, or the local church. 

Should I sign up for classes? 

Yes and no. If you desire to mature in your faith by having a deeper understanding of the Bible, Christian doctrine and the rhythms of a Christian life, then the answer is a definite yes! If your participation in the classes will prevent you from remaining an active member of a Life Group, then you should not take the classes. 

How much do classes cost?

What about childcare?

The cost is $35 per class for covenant member and $70 per class, for those who are not covenant members. The fees include the cost of the course textbooks.
If childcare is needed, you will need to pay $20 (total per household) for childcare for the semester.


Are you interested in taking courses? Contact us and let us know.