Starting Oct. 30th

We are growing! As we grow, we want to embody our gospel culture by making room for others as Jesus makes room for us. So, during this fall season, we will transition to a three service format on Sunday mornings while we navigate the best longterm solutions to create more space.

All there services (8:00|9:30|11:00) will have the same sermon, the same music, and all three services will offer Redeemer Kids. The only difference will be that we will provide, weekly, donuts at the 8:00 AM service.


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Post 1: We are making room! Join us on Oct. 30th at 8:00|9:30|11:00!
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Post 2: We are making room for you! Join me at Redeemer Church on Oct. 30th for one of our three services. Learn more at


Here is what we are asking you to do: be missional with your service attendance. We feel confident that the 9:30 service is the most likely service to be full. So, we are asking 80 people to commit to the 8:00 AM service and 150 people to commit to the 11:00 AM service for this fall season. 


Help us make room for others by joining one of our Sunday morning serve teams.